Monday, September 8, 2008

Shelves and Tops.

We've been doing our own private countdown to the day we officially move in. It's terribly exciting. The kitchen's top hung drawers have their shelves fitted in. It looks so beautiful even without their doors. The solid tops for both the bathroom vanity consoles have arrived. I've requested for them to be fabricated without the usual back splash and skirt. Instead, I wanted them to look like a table tops, nothing too special. I can't wait for the painter to paint the common bathroom's console. 

Tomorrow the parquet flooring is going to be sanded, skirted and matt varnished. As the varnish takes 3 days to surface dry and a week to totally dry, we can't step into our new home till friday morning. The wait is killing. 

9 more days to go to our official move.

The kitchen's top hung cabinets without doors.
The solid top mounted on the vanity console.
Side view of the vanity console, waiting to be painted.
The solid top on the master bathroom's console.
Side view of the vanity console.

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antipodean said...

heya! noticed you started a blog from msn & went to check it out :) your home looks lovely! i love how you bought and collated the door handles, the lamps, etc. over time and put it all together! if you haven't been to the shop recently, i now know what you've been busy with! hehe... tricia