Tuesday, December 8, 2009



I love you, yet I don't.
Darling pain of my desires,
You bring along with you the obligatory anxiety;

Darling, why do you leave all that could have been beautiful
trapped in the cavity between your heart and soul?
Tiny space.
Tiny space for the magnitude of words, expressions
That are full of resolutions,

A reality resisted by your will,
Guilt by the sensibilities of the world,
That creates holes in our capsule.
Letting in all the pain,
The pain.

Soft autumn fumes of molasses and leather
which you love so dearly.
They line the velvet of your throat,
nest in you,
become a second skin to your fingers.
In my subconsciousness, i share your breath,
Closing my eyes, closing ours,
We elope to our abode,
Our sojourn.

By Sandra Liao.

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