Sunday, December 20, 2009

Espressamente illy.

It's a toss up between architecture & design and food as in which is my greatest love. The love of food and cooking has been nurtured since I was little by my parents. They have always been passionate about cooking, entertaining and dining. It is also because of them that I have been inspired to cook. I made my first banana pancakes at the age of 7 or 8, grilled my own steak at 10. Before that, I was my dad's kitchen help. I watched him prep, cook and plan. It was all so exhilarating for me to watch the process, to see how happy quality food can make people and just to feed.

With coffee, the science of getting the blend of beans, the roast, the grind, water and even temperature right is pure magic. Since I have tasted my first cup of illy coffee in the 80s, I was in love. The appeal of the aroma, the colour of the essence, the flavour of the coffee is beyond description. I will declare that I am not a caffeine addict. Instead, I am a coffee lover.

That is why I am so happy that the folks from illy have come up with the Espressamente Illy cafe that has been sprouting all over the world; over 200 locations, in 32 countries and 5 continents to be exact. No two Espressamente illy outlets are the same. They aim to bring to you a different sensory experience through their coffee, the different interior designs and menus to arouse your senses. For those living in Singapore, hang tight. We will be having two outlets opening in 2010 by the same folks who brought to us, Harry's Bar. One would be in Ann Siang Hill and the other at Mohamed Sultan. Something to look forward to in 2010.

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