Monday, December 7, 2009

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh.

When I heard of the opening of the first Hotel Missoni, I was delighted. The family that made famous their wave prints and colours, now to have their very own fashion hotel. How more fabulous can that be? Then I realised that it was to be in Edinburgh, Scotland. I couldn't help but ask why start with Edinburgh? Firstly, it is not exactly the most fashionable place to open such a stylish hotel, then there is the question about it being a tat grey (so unlike the bright colours that the house represents.)

When I was doing my research on the hotel, I stumbled upon the answer to my burning question. The Guardian UK interview the matriarch of the Missoni family, Rosita and she said that in the rain, Scotland can seem cold and dark and terrible, but in the sun she could see its true beauty. She first came here 30 years ago for the festival, and went walking, out through the highlands, and remembered the heather and land - the colours were magnificent. Edinburgh is severe but very stylish and she tried to reflect that in the design of the hotel.

With that in mind, enters a beautiful hotel that embodies life and the beautiful character of the scottish landscape in a colourful, flamboyant way that would make any fashion conscious person delighted. And if Edinburgh isn't quite your cup of tea, you'll be relieved to know that they will be opening a few more hotels in Kuwait City, Oman, Brazil and South Africa.

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