Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Oh Man, It's a Ray!" Installation, Milan Furniture Fair.

Being a huge design freak and having a soft spot for lamps and chairs, looking at the lighting section of the Milan Furniture Fair this year really intrigues me. The one I would really buy among all of them would be the Tolomeo XXL by Artemide. If I had a garden, this would be perfect. It adds a certain whimsical feel and reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe one of these days, I shall put on an "Alice in Wonderland" inspired garden inspiration post.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

Huge Mobile Installation by Ingo Maurer

Smaller low hanging installation.

Close up of the wood etched words.

Ingo Maurer's Egg Installation. I love the underlying message of the hope that life brings.

Samurai table and ceiling lamps by Barovier e Toso. This model is from 1966 and reproduced just for the show. Although it is an old design, it is still looks current and relevant.

Tolomeo XXL, One of the most iconic lamps by Artemide done extra huge. This version is weather-proof and great for the outdoors. Love it!

Installation by Karim Rashid. Looks like he has ditched his favourite bright pink and opted for a soft lavender colour paired with white.

Acrime Del Pescatore is made up of 350 crystals placed on 3 nylon nets, giving it movement and creating a phosphorescent sweep of light suspended in mid-air.

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