Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anamorphosis By Droog.

If there is one design school that I would die to go into, it would definitely be Droog's. I absolutely love the way they change your mind about how you perceive the world. Take for instance their Anamorphosis series which they unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair. It's awfully meaningful, at least to me. I think that as humans, we are so limited by our our own human boundaries and we forget that things are sometimes not what they appear to be superficially and we need help to see clearly. Take for instance, in this case, they have painted some precious (close to extinction) birds on white porcelain plates like what would usually happen on traditional porcelain plates but with a twist. Without the matching bottle or cup, the plate just looks as thought they are painted with colourful lines. The metal cup or bottle reflects the hidden birds.

Simply beautiful and poetic.

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