Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Magno Design.

Sorry for the disappearing act. Blogger at times drives me mad especially the last 2 weeks with the crazy bugs, however everything is back to normal and I am happy.

Magno comes from the word 'magnify', and that's what the designer aims to do. To magnify the little details that go into every product; from what trees these radios are made from to the simplicity of their design to resemble somewhat like a toy.

These radios are made from wood harvested from a forrest in Kandangan, Indonesia. Kandangan has a population of 4000. Magno's aim is to hire as much of the population as possible and to replant a tree for every tree that has been used to produce these radios. In this way, they have a regenerated forrest and a lower unemployment rate. This adds to the beauty of these green-conscious radios and also maintains a moral obligation between the product and owner.

I love these radios. You can plug in your ipod to them so that they can be used as speakers. They can run on both battery and DC adaptor. It will look great on a night stand, so that you can look at it just before you sleep to remind yourself of how beautiful the world can be if we all cared for it a little.

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