Sunday, April 19, 2009

Showers to Die For.

I've been feeling restless of late. So much that I am thinking of. There is however a lingering thought of getting myself into another renovation project (although I do think it is rather ridiculous).  I think it would be fun to buy a run down place and redo it and sell it for a good price.

Anyway, for my next place, I would love a wet room (an entire room dedicated to showering). So which showers would I love to have? 

Boffi Pipe Floor Mounting Shower designed by Marcel Wanders. Won't it be fun to shower under an industrial pipe? It's like showering on the street. 

Love the Fire Hose Valve looking tap head.

Dornbracht Rain Sky E. It has 3 different modes. Mist, Head & Body Spray and Rain Curtain (which has an option of 3 different coloured lights). 

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