Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Airport Escapades April 2009

So I reckon that some friends are keepers especially those who are always up to play with even if they had to rush home at 10pm after a whole day of teachers-parents' sessions. 

We have done a few airport escapades and we'd thought that it would be a lot of fun doing it in T3 for a change. T3 is far too big has has too much space. 

Unlike one of our escapades which we dared each other to go up to strangers to take pictures with them, this one we merely went around taking silly photos of each other. 

I think the older we get, we forget how to have fun without the drinking, gambling and oh so complicated relationships. Den and I just like to have fun the old fashioned way; playing pranks and being silly. No harm done, all in good fun.

Den trying to lift this huge sculpture.

Her hand being eaten by this crazy looking cushion on the lounge set at Crowne Plaza, T3.

I decided to recycle myself and my artwork but I didn't fit in.

Den deciding how to categorize her recycling.

We found a zippy and cheap Z3 to ride in. Fortunately, it didn't break down the minute we sat on it.

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