Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fabergé Eggs.

Thinking of Easter, I am reminded of the Fabergé eggs. They are not just a linked to Easter but also a deep affection that these great men had for their wives. I think of it as a really romantic gesture. 

Gone were the days when love was grand, spectacular and a rapture of the heart. If love is not that; and all the wild, uncontrollable emotions are taken away, what are we left with? A silly selfish, obsession.

I think it's time to inject a little more romance into our lives. We only live once. Romance doesn't have to be an expensive gesture. Bake him his favourite dessert and feed it to him after a walk in a park, send him a surprise at his workplace (by snail mail even), stick a post it note with a special message or even put toothpaste on his toothbrush. 

Surprise and enchant your lover. 

The First Egg, Hen.

Clover Leaf Egg

Bay Tree Egg. The most expensive imperial egg created.

Blue Serpent Clock Egg (first egg with a clock).

The Danish Palaces Egg.

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