Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vincent Van Duysen.

There is no other designer that understands and defines obstinate minimalism and formal reduction like Vincent Van Duysen. His approach to architecture, interior design and industrial design is sensual with an explicit clarity. His is an architecture of quietude and calmness, never straying far from the essence. He never subjects himself to style or fashion, only seeking his own brand of timeless expression.

In 1985, Vincent Van Duysen graduated in architecture at the higher institute for architecture in Sint-Lucas, Ghent (Belgium). From 1986 to 1987, he worked as Aldo Cibic's (a very famous Italian architect whose works are very well received. He also designed some items for Herman Miller, Kartell and Bisazza) assistant in Milan. Finally, he founded his own architecture office in Antwerp in 1990. His qualities as an interior designer didn't stay unnoticed. Hence, he was commissioned to do a lot of interior designs, but there is more. He had received assignments to design lighting and furniture for producing companies such as Obumex, Modular, B&B, Cappellini, Swarovski to name a few. Nowadays, Vincent Van Duysen is operating on an international level. His work can be admired in every part of the world from New York to Tokyo.

Maybe someday, he'll design for me a house to live in. Maybe Someday...

M Pavillion.

VDE-L Residence.

VB-HB Residence.

Finca Mallorca Interior.

Atelier Table.

Tiles for Obumex.

From the Primitives Collection.

From the Primitives Collection.

His design for a kitchen piece.

Inspiration for his kitchen piece. Look at the drawers.

Cousy Sofa by Arflex.

Ceramic and Wood Containers from the "When Objects Work" collection.

Swarovski Cascade Chandelier. His grand and powerful tribute to the often baroque and fancy chandeliers.

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samsara said...

hi Sandra,
.....on the vocabulary of restrained....
yes I agree with you Vincent is an outstanding architect - an artist. Having said that, I would like to propose another equally remarkable reductionist, John Pawson. I wouldn't be surprised if you were already familiar with his work. Here is a quote from Deyan Sudjic, upon encountering Pawson's work for the first time. It's from the first monograph I read on him dating back to 1992.
" Here at last, I felt, was someone who understood that a room - any room, anywhere - should be a space in which to dream. It was the real thing: a room with "wabi". I walked around the walls, watching the planes, shadows and proportions in a state of near-elation."
... and further down: "To live in one of his interiors is not for the lazy-minded; it requires a certain act of will. What it does not require is a hair-shirted mentality. This kind of 'reduction' is not the antithesis of enjoyment, but invigorating and enjoyable. Any 'thing' retained is forever pressed into proving its worth. Any useless 'thing' chucked out is a gain" ( p.10)

Well needless to say, I am a big fan. So much so that his influence has sipped into my own work. I am an artist who's day job is Interior architect.
If you ever come to Paris, i will be glad to take you around.
You'd like, you can check out the place i am building for myself at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flickrminimum/

ovid uman