Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Corso Como.

10 Corso Como Milan, also dubbed, the Milan temple of style was founded by a gallerist and publisher, Carla Sozzani in 1990. The complex started with an art gallery and a bookstore and in 1991, a fashion boutique was added, in 1998, a cafe and in 2003, a 3 room bed and breakfast was opened. 

Now it sells everything, from furniture to clothes to even memorabilia. It is a showcase for top notch Milanese designers. It's a pity that I couldn't find any photos of the hotel itself. It is gorgeous. If there is anywhere that I could pack my bags and just move into, this must be it. To be surrounded by beautiful things and good food constantly would be living in a dream, my dream.

By the way, famous  Tunisian designer, Azzedine Alaia has teamed up with 10 Corso Como to open his own 3 rooms hotel, designed as an extension of the designer's own flat. Famous models - Linda and Naomi - have spent the night here, sleeping on mattresses right on the floor. Alaia's idea was creating a night's lodging where everyone would feel like they were at their Paris home. The details of the d├ęcor are constantly changing and transforming, just the way it is with every flat. The interior is perfect, just like Alaia's collections, and combine objects from the past and present. What makes the three apartments special is the unique collection of XX century furniture. Breakfast prepared in the designer's nearby flat, is served by his personal chef. Yum.

Exterior of 10 Corso Como.

The boutique.

The cafe.

The courtyard leading back into the store.

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