Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thou Shall Recycle: Leftovers.

Every year an estimated 6.7million tonnes of household food waste is produced in the UK. Imagine how much household food waste is produced globally. The amount of food we throw away is the major contributor to the greenhouse gases.

If we can cook the amount that we can finish eating (not in excess), or buy grocery and make it a point to finish them, we can help save our earth, save some money and  therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

Everyone who entertains over the festive season will suffer the same problem as us, leftovers. This year, we tried to keep our leftovers to a minimum and also try to make our leftovers into new dishes. In that same spirit, I encourage you to take a look at your leftovers and be creative, think what you can make out of it, instead of throwing it out.

I have photographed what I did with our leftover fruitcake. I took that and with some old bread, made bread and butter pudding for dinner.

Our leftover fruitcake.

The pre-baked break and butter pudding.

The end product with a little chocolate sauce to eat it with.

Whole-meal buttermilk pancakes with grilled cinnamon bananas and salted butter caramel. Absolutely heavenly.

This is made from 2 old and very ripe bananas, butter milk (which I have saved from making butter a few days ago) and the home made salted butter caramel in the fridge. 

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