Thursday, January 8, 2009

J.K Place, Florence.

I want to escape. I want to run away. I want to elope to a place without a familiar face in sight; to wander aimlessly into streets and walkways. I think Florence would be perfect to hide out and the perfect compliment to this, would be a very hush hush hotel like the J.K. Place. There is just a discreet bronze sign that reads J.K Place on a pillar. Nothing to announce what lies within.

This historic Florentine Palazzo on the inside is a sense of of calm and luxury. There are 20 rooms and each of them have their own unique decor. Some rooms have their own balcony with a view of the Basilica. Breathtaking.

The hotel has a dining room, library, courtyard where breakfast is served, lounge for meals and tea and the Pink room for drinks and sushi. There is also a rooftop lounge that opens in summer.

It is impossible not to feel overwhelmed with love in Florence, and the J.K. Place is the perfect spot to shy away from all the beauty in Florence; the art museums, the River Arno and the architecture from a bygone era.

One of the bigger rooms.

Love the Fireplace. So cosy.

The canopy over the bed spells romance. 

The Classic room. Notice the lovely ceiling.

The Bathtub with a view of the city.

Another view of the bathroom.

One of the Lounges.

The Library.

One of their corridors adorned with art.

The classic dining room.

The J.K. Lounge.

The Pink room. 

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