Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Weekend Escape.

Since coming back to Singapore, I've been thinking about the last two days. What did we learn from that experience?

1. If you want to make good money during the weekend, be a Malaysian traffic police. Those jokers set up two different roadblocks and we bribed them a total of RM 250. Everyone knows that the "usual" bribe is RM50 but what happens when you are cornered into giving them RM50 more? They merely shake your hand and tell you to drive safely. 

2. When at San Shu Gong and you spot the snacks that you want to buy, buy it without hesitation. We wanted the chestnut pastry and decided that there's so many packs displayed at the flagship store, so we'll get it later. When we got back, there was only 2 packs left. We had to go to the branch to get more the next day. How many packets of chestnut pastries did we get in total? 8 packets, besides the many other goodies we had bought.

3. Watching a movie in Malaysia is cheap! RM9 gets you a ticket at a brand new cinema. 

4. Never watch "The curious case of Benjamin Button" as a midnight show. Why? We were there from 11.30pm to 2.15am. Fortunately, our hotel was just next door.

5. When eating at Makko, don't resist ordering a large portion of the Sotong Goreng Kunyit. It was delicious! During our first lunch there, we ordered a medium, we still craved for more. At the second lunch there, we ordered a large and wished there were more. Sean and Denise even wished that they could order some to take home with us.

6. Never have a full dinner. There is so much tidbits to eat at the Jonker Street night market (every fri to sun). We had laksa, goreng goreng and chendol for dinner, and proceeded to eat bbq squids, bee chang kway, taiwan sausages (Denise and CJ), Durian Q cake (Sean and Kent) and a round of drinks.

We had such a blast and lots of rest. Looking forward to the next trip with the group!

The group with me behind the camera walking down the streets of Malacca.

Denise and I at a playground. We haven't seen these tunnels at playgrounds since we were kids.

Kent and Cilla enjoying their laksa. Kent ate so many different stuff that were bad for his cough. Although I'm sure that it aggravated it but he enjoyed his food.

CJ preparing a small sampling of his Chicken Rendang noodles for Denise to taste.

Sean's very focused when he is enjoying his meal.

At San Shu Gong. Sean's really happy that his drink is so much bigger than ours, till he found out that the bottom half was still frozen.

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