Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day on a Shoe String.

So this year may a be tough for some to splurge for some. However, you still need to show that that certain someone is extra special on Valentine's day without blowing the bank. What are your options?

How about buying a thoughtful gift? Maybe a new apron for the hardworking chef at home or a new teapot for the tea-lover. Maybe none of these are the most romantic or spell L-O-V-E in a huge way but they do show that you do notice and care.

For the most classic lovers, how about going to the wholesaler to buy roses and packaging them yourself? Long stem roses in a box look the best and are the easiest to package. 

Maybe a small box of chocolates to please the choco-holic at heart or you could make your own chocolate dipped strawberries.

If she loves gourmet food, the place with the best value must be Au Petit Salut. There's Foie Gras, Belon 000 Oysters, Crab, Valrhona Chocolate, etc in their set dinner. Sure to please the most picky of eaters and for $128++ per person, it's fantastic.

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