Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monsieur Truffle.

In Melbourne, Chocolate havens have been all the rage for quite some time now. In 2008, Australians have spent an estimated 1.4 million dollars on chocolate alone. I suppose that encouraged the growth in the chocolate sector or did the chocolate sector encourage the spending? But which ever it is, egg or chicken first, what is wonderful about these chocolate stores is that they are unabashed about being high end and made for the sophisticated palate.

Monsieur Truffle at 90 Smith St, Collingwood is the featured chocolatier. They started at first in Prahran Market and now they have their own store. I love their interiors, old fashioned green walls, a simple and nostalgic interior; bearing a little resemblance to a cafe in the 70s. They teach chocolate appreciation classes, sell all sorts of chocolates (from single plantations to blends and also those with candied fruits and not forgetting truffles.) and pastry & desserts. This makes an excellent place to have a spot of tea and to have a few pancakes or chocolate treats in an unadulterated gratification to the soul.

The interior.

The display counter.

The many types of hand made truffles.

The freshly baked croissants and pastries.

More chocolates for tasting.

Their lovely old-fashioned shelves housing their tea for ones.

The many different types of chocolate bars that they make.

The bigger chocolate bars before they are wrapped.

The wrapped up chocolates. Love their wrapping.

Another view of the delectable chocolate bar.

A few pictures of the different products available.

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