Sunday, February 1, 2009

Inspiration Boards

Been thinking of getting my own inspiration board for quite a while now. There were so many ideas that popped out, like ornate or simple, magnetic, cork or blackboard? It's so refreshing to have a inspiration board that keeps changing. It's like a piece of evolving "art".

While I am still trying to figure that all out, I've decided to put up some pictures of inspiration boards as well as two pictures that would have definitely made it on my board.

Drew Barrymore's Inspiration Board.

Fiona Richards of Cartolina Cards' Inspiration Board.

Handmade Detroit's Inspiration Board. Love the collage of old and new scraps.

Inspiration Board from Shabby Vintage Mom, an etsy shop. Love the frame and vintage buttons.

Arugula Press's Inspiration Board made from chicken wire. Love how the scraps are pegged on.

Love the picture of this bedroom. Simple and beautiful with a little bit of vintage spirit injected into it.

An old Mitsubishi Fan. Every one that grew up in the 80s would recognise this.

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