Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello There!

I know that I have been missing for quite a while and my apologies. This year has been a rollercoaster of a year for me; personal, career as well as in the area of my interest. I am however determined to write this most more consistently like before, starting with an update of my apartment.

As I am living alone now, I decided to put in a few touches in the flat. I think it is always nice to give your home character by adding some items up for display especially when they are meaningful to you not just a mere testimony of your great taste.

I have put up a little display of some possessions from my past under a huge glass dome on top of a few wine crates to double up as extra bookshelf space. I am running out of bookshelf space rapidly due to my magazine collection as well as CDs.

Recently I have also been in a habit of burning a Malin + Goetz Cannabis candle before showering at night, so that the room will be perfumed with it's gorgeous musky, spicy scent. It smells to me how a man should be, mysterious, masculine and inviting. When it isn't in use, it is covered with a glass cloche. It sits on a pretty vintage plate that has been chipped on the edge.

I have also designed a mirror to be my permanent menu board. You can see it in use for a dinner party. It is adjacent to a small grouping of art, photos and a handwritten piece. Frames are from Ikea.

My door knocker for the longest time has been left without a label, so instead of a family name, I cross-stitched a modern greeting. This adds a little fun to the old fashioned knocker. A nice element of surprise.

These were handpainted by Mara of Blue Trike. The butterfly was commissioned by me. The slices of wood are hand picked and cured by her husband. They have such a beautiful detailing on their own. Art does not always have to come from someone famous or be expensive. Art has to speak to the soul of its audience/spectator.

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