Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bedroom Candles.

I've always been a fan of scented candles. Burning one in your room just before you take your shower further relaxes you when catch a nose of that lovely scent. Moreover the soft candle light sets the mood too. So here are my recommendation of lovely candles to burn in before bedtime.


Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

I totally agree! I burn candles daily in our home. It really ads a refreshing scent after a long crazy day.

michelle said...

hi sandra,

may i ask where you purchase your candles? ive recently fallen in love with scented candles but dont know where to get them besides dusk.


Sandra Liao. said...

Hi Michelle,
Dusk as in If you are from Australia, I would recommend buying from Mecca Cosmetica. They have a good variety of them. If you have a Molten Brown near you, get their huge candles. It's really nice. After you've burnt down the candle, you can use it for a vase.

Have fun,

michelle said...

Thanks Sandra! Yes, am from australia. For some reason thought you were from Aus as well. Thanks again. The blog's brilliant.