Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Worker Sofa and Chair By Vitra.

Another fine example of functional art meets furniture. Hella Jongerius of Jongerius lab designed these for Vitra's 2006 collection. Her style signature is distinct; a mischievous play of different materials, textures, colours and manufacturing technics. In this case, you can see the mixture of aluminium and wood, prints and solid colours, and if you look close enough, you will notice parts of it are machined and handmade.

The little details like the choice of different kinds of wood matched with powder coated aluminium joints, the handles on the top of the seats, the backrest in a contrasting material, the simple back brace and also the front legs being so different from the back legs. I am a lover of thoughts. It intrigues me that so much thought has been put into designing one single piece of furniture. You can simply stare at the piece and never get quite sick of it. I assure you, this is not just an artwork, it is also a very comfortable chair.

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