Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Haus.

Happy Haus is an Australian company that believes in housing that is well designed, sustainable and efficient. Pre-fabricated houses are more clean and faster in terms of construction. A pre-fabricated house can be built within 4 to 6 weeks and it only takes days to install it on the site itself.

I love the idea of a house that is transported to the site and in the case of the Donovan Hill House, it was craned to the exact site that it would sit on, then the amenities were hooked up. Happy Haus can also come furnished. They can include furniture built into them, so that when your home is installed, it is in a "move-in" condition. How much would a pre-fabricated house set you back? Starting prices are AUD$ 99, 000 onwards excluding delivery and installation.

The delivery of part of the house.

Craning the house to the site, so not to spoil the natural foliage.

Views of the house from the deck.

Side view of the house.

Different options for the DHAN series.

The new white series home. I think it's stunning.

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