Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vintage Plant.

Vintage Plant is a Swedish store set up by two graphic, interior and product designers, Byggstudio and Markus Bergström that sells vintage plant clippings which are donated. These clippings usually have a history tagged to them; belonging to families for decades and many clippings of the parent plant are shared among the family, themselves. I think this is a wonderful idea to share something which matters to you. However, it is also sad that most people have lost touch with nature and do not get their hands soiled with gardening.

I, for one am a fond lover of heritage plants, fruits and flowers. If we were always just to plant the main stream commercial varieties, we will not be preserving our world well enough for our future generations. They will not be able to learn, taste or see varieties which are not commonly found. As it is already, most of us who buy store produce, have no idea what these heritage varieties are like. Food for thought, saving the world is not just recycling, reusing or reducing. It is also preserving what we have.

A Hibiscus clipping.

The proud gardener/donor.

The parent plant in his dining room.

A Pelarginium bush clipping.

The parent plant with the proud donor.

The bushes that line his balcony.

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