Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Abigail Ahern's Home, London.

I saw an article of Abigail Ahern's home in a magazine and thought of sharing it with you. She has such a good eye for mixing and matching colours, materials and textures. I love her use of neutral walls and giving the room a splash of colour through the interesting pieces of furniture or light fittings. She has a mixture of expensive and cheap furniture, which most of them have been sourced and salvaged. 

Most people when picking a wall colour are veered to stark white or a strong distinct colour washed on their walls but I beg to differ, having a too strong colour (stark white is also considered strong) mutes and mellows the interesting pieces of furniture or items in a room. It draws the attention to the wall, not the space. I, for one love the idea of the wall as a canvas. Paint it in a simple and easy colour, like grey, have a collection of interesting lamps, fittings, furniture and artwork. Having a whisper of grey on your walls, doesn't over stimulate your senses, instead it makes you more relaxed and thus making the room more cosy (putting you and your guests at ease), which is important for a living space to function.

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