Monday, June 28, 2010

Living Room Inspiration June 2010.

Sorry for not being able to post new stuff lately. I have been busy a design project of late which I will share more with you as time goes by. I promise it to be very different and special; worth the wait.

Anyway, today I have decided to put together a couple of pieces together as a living room inspiration for those who are thinking of putting together your living room or lounge area. I thought it would be lovely to have an entertainment area where you can just have a nice group of 8 to 10 people to just sit around and chat, while waiting for dinner or even play a little after dinner games. My kind of dinner would end with some form of game like gentlemen versus the ladies in trivia, pictionary, taboo or even trivia. It is such good fun, throws in a little competition and keeps the evening light and engaged.

My kind of lounge at the moment is a tat mismatched, rather than polished, it is nicely collected and fun to look at. The two long sofas facing each other with two marble coffee tables end to end between them, on adjacent to the sofa is the circle chair and next to the quack sofa on the other side is the crate table for the magazines. Above the coffee table are a collection of different cage lamps with different bulbs. Leaning up against a wall on the far side of the room opposite the circle chair is the side board.

Cage Lamps.

De La Espada Box Sofa.

Quack Sofa by Cappellini.

Vitra Plate Table with Carrara Marble at 120cm long.

Circle Chair by Hans Wegner.

Crate Table by Jasper Morrison for Established and Sons.

Sideboard #26 by Arne Vodder.

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