Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2010.

Alexander Wang's Pre-Fall 2010 collection speaks to me for some strange reason. Recently I have been really into the whole tuxedo look, especially after acquiring a deconstructed Lanvin Tuxedo silk dress. I love the tuxedo look because it is formal yet playful for a girl at the same time. That's why the Alexander Wang collection appeals to me. The fun of being a female is the ability to really dress up, make believe compared to being a guy, and we should take advantage of that privilege.

The Alexander Wang Pre-Fall collection can be found at La Garconne, my favourite e-store of the moment. Happy Shopping!

My pick from the collection. Short Blazer Dress.

Merino Ribbed Fitted Sweater.

Tailored Onesie with Bustier.

Relaxed Tuxedo Blazer.

Asymmetrical Lingerie Dress.

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