Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Dream Bachelor's Room.

I've been thinking if I had to design a bachelor's room or a room that if a guy were to take me home to and would impress me to death, would look something like what I have put together below. Strangely, it would have a sink in it like the old fashioned rooms. It would be mainly in black, white and wood. The walls would be in a soft grey and have down lights above his desk and in the room but there would be two lowly hung Tom Dixon pendant lamps above his side tables which one of them would have a small collection of books neatly stacked under waiting to be read. He will also have those read books and magazines neatly displayed in his Joyce cabinet. Of course judging by the choice of furniture, it has to be a sizable room.

Gervasoni bed by Paola Navone from the Grey Collection.

A closer look at the headboard.

Tom Dixon Beat Stout Lamp to be hung just above the side tables.

Plate Side Tables by Vitra. There will be two and one on each side of the bed below the pendant lamps. Imagine a small stack of books under one of it (his side).

Pinch Design Lowry Sideboard. The television will sit on top of it and so will his desktop ipod player.

Airia Desk by Herman Miller. This will definitely impress me. You can tell so much of a man from his desk and his choice of desk. I love how simple this is yet so beautiful.

Eames Office Chair. This is to pair with the desk. A very classic and beautiful piece.

Pinch Design Joyce Cabinet. Instead of the usual bookshelf, he will have this which he will display his collection of books, magazines and collectables (could be art).

Eames Lounge Chair. I love this piece so much. It makes such a statement about taste and style.

Water Jewels Basin by Vitra. This will sit in his dressing area for him to shave and freshen up.

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