Saturday, January 30, 2010

260 Little Collins St, Melbourne.

Now that I'm counting down 10 days to the next decade of my life, I thought I'd put up a photo that would remind me of the years that have passed. Today's is the apartment block that I lived in when I was living in Melbourne. It's right smack in the city, has a strong art deco design. I do suspect that the original building was only 4 storeys tall and it was extended upwards later to it's present 9 storeys. The apartments in the original building featured much higher ceilings and some units had bay windows. The apartments in the extended floors, had lower ceilings, but still had big windows. Those which were on the 5th floor, had also little balconies which they could stand out on and take in views.

My old unit was on the 4th floor. It had very high ceiling, big beautiful windows that light would stream in from, lovely wood flooring, ceramic hobs and a nice bathroom with a tub. I loved it! I could live in it for a long time to come and moving out of it was so sad, especially when I was moving out of the city into a boyfriend's place which was smaller, warmer and in a bad neighbourhood (lots of druggies).

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