Monday, March 8, 2010

Viceroy Resort Snowmass.

Viceroy Resort Snowmass must be one of the few eco friendly snow resorts. During construction, all dirt removed from the construction site was saved and reused. Construction workers were transported to the site by bus, reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. The Viceroy also provides reusable and washable water bottles, hand towels, and shampoo and conditioner bottles. A saline pool creates its own chlorine through the use of salt and electrical current. There's even a gratis on-site electric car charging system.

Besides that, the 173 residential unit resort looks as good as it is eco friendly. I love the modern rooms and the contemporary public areas which look so cosy especially after a hard day of skiing or snowboarding. The cabanas by the pool are so inviting, makes you want to doze off in them or spend some romantic time with someone special in them.

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