Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food that I Miss.

Just thinking about food that I miss. Some were favourites at one stage of my life and others almost forgotten.

Lobster Bisque. I love how rich the soup tastes and the generous drizzle of cream and chunky lobster meat. This used to be in every western restaurant menu in the 80s, nowadays, you'll only find it in the more classy establishments.

Swiss Fondue. Swiss restaurants used to be quite the thing. The popular and good ones were the Swiss restaurant at the defunct Equatorial hotel in the '80s and 90's and Movenpick when it was a restaurant at the basement of Scotts Shopping centre.

Roasted Beef on a Carvery. This would usually be my choice. I love beef in any form; steaks, roasts, or even stew. I used to remember fondly that carvery was popular in the past and to have the lovely pink meat presented to you before carving (for your nod of approval) made me feel special. I don't approve of Lawry's by the way, especially when I feel that I make a better roast than them.

Carpetbag Steak. Some say that this is an Australian dish, others say it came form America. It doesn't matter. This steak stuffed with succulent oysters with a dash of worcester sauce, that made it delicious. It's rarely seen on menus nowadays.

Lemon Curd. This can really kick up an appetite. Creamy, smooth and zesty. This goes great on shortbread cookies, on pancakes, in a tart or even on its own.

Bombe Alaska. I loved meringue as a kid. What made this dessert so special was the fact that it is the combination of everything fantastic and dramatic. Usually presented as though it were a cloud on fire, and after the fire has died down, you'll find italian meringue, ice-cream and cake altogether. Everything a child would ever want.

Crepe Suzette. Love the combination of soft, thin crepes, with orange and brandy. It never fails to impress and provoke the senses with it's heady orange and lemon sauce.

Floating Islands. Italian meringue sitting on a pool of custard sauce. Heavenly. It's so simple, yet it always makes me fall in love with it over and over again. Another dish that has seemed to disappear from our menus.

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