Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Beginning

The beginning is here. The day we have "officially" taken over the apartment. The same day the Malay family have moved out. 

The first time I saw the place, I was apprehensive. For my husband on the other hand, it was love at first viewing for him. He saw the potential the place had. All I saw was the orange living room walls, the window grills (which made me feel like a caged bird), the blocked view, moldy bathrooms and the greasily modest kitchen (trust me, everything looks better in pictures). Despite all that, within 2 mins of leaving the viewing, he knew he had to make an offer. On that very Sunday, we had decided to move, put a down-payment for a place and started dreaming of a life at Strathmore Ave.

Being the design fanatic that I am, I have been studying the floor plan diligently since the day we had put a down-payment. My husband being the less fussy one, let me do all the planning and designing. He was to be the CFO; he handles the finances and makes the "final" decision like which tile and what flooring from the final few choices. I was given carte blanche to design and furnish our home. 

Over the last few months, I was like a bowerbird. I've collected a lot of curtain , wood, tile, marble samples, and have started buying bits and pieces over the internet from anthropologie, urban outfitters, ebay, a danish shop overseas, etc. My mum's spare room now has many boxes (which have made their voyage from all over the world) stacked almost to the ceiling. Check out the picture of that.

Anyway, the time has come to materialise that dream home. Life has never been more exciting.

The floorplan with the wall between Bedroom 3 and the Master bedroom taken off.

Bedroom 2 in brown

Bedroom 3  in purple.

Master Bedroom in bright yellow

Living room and walkway in orange

The stuff in my mum's store room stacked to the ceiling.

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Evian said...

Hey! Am first to leave a comment here. =)

Hmm..a blog for your new house..

The paint colours are so..hmm..u know what i mean la.

Can't wait to see the transformation!

Have fun!!

~ 'Sis' who used to sit next to u =p